Who are we? Hello, we are Quickly and we try to solve a problem that thousands of people have to make a pitch in the video platform, the problem is that there isn’t a simple and practical tool for doing it, there are proper tools video editors, but they are complicated to use, require a long time and if you don’t know how to use them the results has poor quality, they don’t provide any guidance about the structure a pitch needs and a lot of people doesn’t even know. Therefore, we are developing a mobile application that allows you to quickly record and edit a pitch from any Apple device, providing a structural guide to give you the best result, adding graphics and text. Also you can share it on your social networks.

Make and edit a great pitch video in a few minutes; add graphics, text, audio and other
items easily. Quickly is a mobile app that will guide you and help you to create
the best Pitch for your StartUp.

Also Quickly will let you share your Pitch with a private Angels data base. Which have
up to 80 investors registered.


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