Couple Care


CoupleCare is an app to keep track of menstrual cycle as a couple! CoupleCare was born in a brainstorm on a team to generate a startup after they kill another startup but stay with the anxiety of continue with an own project, as entrepreneurs they are, decide to search for an issue on the outside and they discover a problem, there was not a way to be communicated about menstrual cycle as a couple, it means not just that some women don’t have a clue about how keeping track of her menstrual cycle but also a lot of men don’t have an idea about it, so why this should be always responsibility of women, if they are a couple, they should act like that and be synchronized as a team, so CoupleCare was born.

How it works?

Two apps: CoupleCare Woman where she can keep track of her menstrual cycle login in and entering her duration of cycle and the start and end of her period letting the app do de rest. CoupleCare Man an app where he logs in and enter a couple pin she need to share from her app and that’s it they are synchronized and booth can keep track of menstrual cycle as what they are (AS A COUPLE!) official web site 

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Smart Kids Video

Smart Kids Video

They watch fun, you watch your kids! is an ipad app that allow your children to enjoy their favorite Youtube videos, using a cool interface that make easier find the video they want, in addition to ensure they never reach an inappropiate video.


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Keygram es un teclado que no te corrige sino que te instruye. Su principal objetivo
es atacar los errores y faltas ortográficas mas comunes como el problema de confundir
palabras que se oyen igual, conocidas como homónimos “halla” vs “aya”; tambien  te ayuda
a que aprendas “comprendiendo” el porque de mas de 10 reglas ortograficas.

Ademas te permite modificar el color del teclado y activar el autorrector si asi lo deseas; ir a sitio oficial. 

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Who are we? Hello, we are Quickly and we try to solve a problem that thousands of people have to make a pitch in the video platform, the problem is that there isn’t a simple and practical tool for doing it, there are proper tools video editors, but they are complicated to use, require a long time and if you don’t know how to use them the results has poor quality, they don’t provide any guidance about the structure a pitch needs and a lot of people doesn’t even know. Therefore, we are developing a mobile application that allows you to quickly record and edit a pitch from any Apple device, providing a structural guide to give you the best result, adding graphics and text. Also you can share it on your social networks.

Make and edit a great pitch video in a few minutes; add graphics, text, audio and other
items easily. Quickly is a mobile app that will guide you and help you to create
the best Pitch for your StartUp.

Also Quickly will let you share your Pitch with a private Angels data base. Which have
up to 80 investors registered.


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Find Me



The problem…  after spend to many time doing research and a bunch of interviews we concluded that the people really likes the sports or the art or any kind of event around the city, however now days the people is also to busy , they don’t have time to investigate in the paper news which good event will be  happening.  However most of them are very interested to know about the events they would like to go.  In the other hand the events owners do not have a good solution mainly with a good cost-benefit balance to reach all this people.  I mean Radio ?   or  Paper  News ? came on ,  the market need something different !  Smartphones + Internet

The solution … FindMe is a mobile app that  we made  with three easy steps, join with Facebook, choose your categories, and then FindMe will do the rest sending to your mobile a notification about the events or places you want to know about it.


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